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Copan TourCopan Tour

Discover the Ancient Mayan World in Honduras

While many different Maya civilizations once occupied Central America, including parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador, the Maya Indians of Copan, Honduras have a reputation as the most artistic Maya civilization and left behind wonderful examples of their art and architecture.

Travel to their lost world to discover ancient Honduras! Excursions to the Copan Ruins, a UNESCO world heritage site, feature remnants and well-preserved ruins of the incredible Maya civilization and should be on your list of not-to-miss activities during your time in Honduras.

Occupied by the Mayans between AD 400 and 800, the ruins are spread over 50 acres and offer one of the greatest sources of information about the ancient Maya culture. From hieroglyphics, temples, and altars, to tunnels, graves, and sculptures, you’ll be immersed in the history, culture, and style of ancient Honduras at this awe-inspiring archaeological site.

Tour the Copan Ruins in Roatan

Don’t have time to enjoy this excursion to the mainland? We can also arrange for tours of Maya Key on Roatan, which features life-size reproductions of some of the most recognized Copan ruins and monuments.

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