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“My knee greatly appreciates it!” - LShultz

Guests With Disabilities

Can I Visit or Dive on Roatan?

CoCo View Resort has a loyal following of guests with physical disabilities, and we do our very best to meet all reasonable requests. However, we are not a handicap-equipped facility, and doorways, bathrooms, walkways, and dive boats do not meet US standards for the disabled.

If you or a member of your party is disabled or wheelchair bound, please let us know in advance of your arrival. We recommend that guests using wheelchairs or scooters bring a companion or attendant who is willing to aid when needed. Additional fees will apply if CoCo View finds it necessary to provide staff for this service.

Please see below for information you will need as a disabled guest while on vacation on Roatan at Coco View Resort.

In & Around Roatan

  • Roatan Airport is not handicap accessible. Stairways are used for loading and unloading airplanes on the tarmac, and airport staff may not be available to assist in carrying guests and/or equipment, so we suggest that guests bring a companion or attendant to assist them off the aircraft. Please notify the airline of any special needs you may have prior to travel.
  • Transportation: we greet all guests at the airport, but our private Coco View bus is not handicap equipped; taxi cabs and public transportation in on Roatan also lack wheelchair-friendly features. Assistance is required for loading and unloading.

At the Resort

  • Arrive by Boat: Coco View Resort is located on a key only accessible by boat. These boats are not handicap equipped, and assistance is required for loading and unloading.
  • Resort Pathways: a portion of the pathways between our Clubhouse, rooms, and dive lockers are sand, and wheelchair navigation can be difficult. There are no handrails around the boardwalks, so care is also required when navigating these walkways.
  • Clubhouse: a temporary ramp into the Clubhouse is available, but it is steep and usually requires assistance to navigate.
  • Restrooms: none of the restrooms at Coco View are wheelchair accessible.
  • Accommodations: Coco View Resort offers 10 oceanfront rooms, built at the water’s edge. 6 of these rooms are located on the upper level and 4 on the lower level. Some of the lower level rooms are wheelchair accessible; one is equipped with a ramp and another has a single small step that can be navigated with assistance. Each room has double doors, which allow easy access, but the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Dining: meals are served buffet style in our resort’s Clubhouse and are self-serve; you may require assistance.

Dive Roatan

  • Dive Boats: Although getting on and off the dive boat at the dock is somewhat easy, it does require some assistance.
  • Getting In & Out of the Water: Our dive boats do not have davits to lift divers in and out of the water, so this is done manually.
  • Drop-Off Dives (2 available each day) are completed with a walk-in to the beach, so assistance is required.
  • Saltwater is Corrosive: Please be aware that the saltwater environment can be corrosive to any carbon steel components of wheel chairs or other equipment.
  • Dive Assistance: We recommend that guests bring a companion or attendant to provide assistance as they dive. Additional fees will apply if CoCo View finds it necessary to provide staff for this service. Our resort can arrange for a private Dive Master to assist in the water, if necessary, at a rate of $50 per day. Please inquire before your vacation.

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