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"A long list of favorite things to like at CoCo View, but I LOVE that third dive when you're dropped into the drink and make your way along Newman's or CoCo View walls to the wreck of the Prince Albert and then to the shore. And I LOVE the dive boat with the hatch in the middle for exiting the dive. Very Jules Verne." - GHudson

"My favorite place in the whole wide world for a vacation. Eat, dive, eat, night dive and sleep!"
- ADuval

"Last trip...31 dives. My favorite dive sites...all of them! Only 4 days to go until I come "home"! There's no place like Coco View! Trip #5" - LFranken

“First time seeing a blue pipe fish, only about 5 or 6" long, at Iron Shore…” - BBrandt

“They are all my favorites!!!! Can't wait for April when we will be back down there!!!!”
- TDow

“I would say that Mary’s Place was one of my favorite dives since I like the geological aspect of it. But I must say I love the diversity of the "Front Yard”, and really enjoyed the Newman’s Wall long drop off.” 
- JMigley

“The soft and hard corals which are regarded as the greatest localized varietal array in the Caribbean offer safe haven for macro and micro critters- all there for the observant diver to find in delight.” - RDAdelman

“I like to check out the fish & critters along the chain that you follow in. You're in shallow water & can see lots of things like sea cucumbers, damselfish or even a barracuda lurking right over your shoulder. If you don't pay attention you miss lots of stuff! ” - CMoorhead

“I love the section of sea grass in front of the Prince Albert. So many cool critters live in there and yet most people just swim right past!” - JCroy

“Love the Prince Albert dive. Really nice at daybreak”
- DBradley

“Last year as we were dropping down to 85 ft a huge beautiful Eagle Ray soared out of the break in the reef. It's always a great dive! I love popping out over the wall and into the blue. ”
- LCorkill

“My dive buddy and I had an extremely close encounter with a 6 ft lime green moray eel. A few seconds of holding our breath that felt like minutes. Absolutely amazing! (Mary's place)” - KBelcher

“Today, at Valley of the Kings, we had a very friendly 6' green morey come up in our faces (literally!) to say hello...after a close encounter with a turtle. Awesome! ” - LFranken



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Explore the World’s Second Largest Barrier Reef

Friendships flourish within minutes at CoCo View Resort, and we’ve heard some say there must be something in the water. We’ll leave you to decide that for yourself, but there most certainly is something in Roatan’s water - the world’s second largest barrier reef and an incredible array of sea life exploding with color!

Dive with Roatan’s sea turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, eels, sharks, and more as you explore the island’s best dive sites with CoCo View. Descend massive thousand-foot coral walls, investigate old wrecks, swim through deep channels and caverns, or visit an eel garden. With well over 150 dive sites around the island, plus CoCo View’s own “Front Yard,” there’s certainly no diving shortage here, and you can visit a new site on each trip out.

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Most Popular Roatan, Honduras Diving Sites

Some of the island’s most popular dive sites include:

  • Wreck of the Prince Albert: CoCo View’s own wreck, sitting upright in 65 feet of water, just a few fin kicks from the resort. Extensive coral growth almost completely covers the wreck, and eagle rays, southern sting rays, and squid often pass alongside. This wreck is also a popular night dive.
  • Mary’s Place: one of Roatan’s most spectacular dive sites, famous for its deep crack, formed by volcanic activity. Impressive overhangs teem with colour, life, and seahorses galore. Every type of coral and sponge you can imagine.
  • CoCo View Wall: The reef top at this wall is thickly covered with Lettuce, Staghorn, and Elkhorn corals. Keep your eyes open for the resident Green Moray Eel, often found swimming from CoCo View Wall to the Wreck of the Prince Albert. The shallow top, with its cleaning stations, can offer hours of entertainment as you watch the variety of marine life come and go.
  • Newman’s Wall: This wall is well worth the extra effort of crossing the channel on a calm day. There are lots of long sand chutes on the top of the wall and spectacular vertical walls. The top is covered lots of coral including soft corals and sea fans.
  • Wreck of The Prince Albert: This site is located right in front of CoCo View and is our most popular shore dive and night dive. She is a 140’ long freighter that was sunk over 25 years ago with a beautiful soft coral forest on the bow and aft decks. She has been modified for easy entrance for divers.
  • Missing Link: Moored in 20 feet; the reef top ranges from 20-30 feet. Large mounds and hedges of hard corals cut to the edge of the reef top, with the wall dropping off to 80 feet. Watch for schooling fish on this site.
  • Gold Chain Reef: Moored in 25 feet; the reef top ranges from 10-30 feet. This is a sloping wall fingering out to a large sand slope. The wall top is thickly populated with Elkhorn, Staghorn, and Lettuce corals. Keep an eye out for surge on this reef top.
  • Little French Cay: The reef top ranges from 25-30 feet. Lush out-croppings with several sets of overhangs are thickly populated with hard corals.
  • French Cay Cut: Moored in 20 feet, this Roatan snorkel site offers a sandy basin with shallow corals leading to the cut. This is a very shallow wall top lined with mounds of Star & Elkhorn corals.
  • Mary’s Place: While having a deeper mooring of 35 feet, this system of crevices has a prolific wall top. An added bonus is the amazing ‘Liquid Silver’ view as the divers pass through the crevices and their bubbles filter up through the wall top.
  • Doc’s Retreat: Moored in 20 feet. The reef top is populated with very healthy hard and soft corals, a series of sand chutes, and mounds of hard coral.
  • Two Tall Two Small: Moored in 20 feet, this site offers a shallow wall with a sloping bottom. Gorgeous Sea Fans top the edge of the wall. Watch for East/West surge.
  • Anka’s Place: Moored in 20 feet, a very shallow meandering wall with cascading corals and magnificent Rope, Tube, and Barrel Sponges. This site is also where you can see where a large section of the reef has fallen off and into the deep from the last major earthquake in 2009.
  • Castle Canyon: Moored in 20 feet. The reef top is shallow, yet thick, with lush covered points displaying sponges and Gorgonian.
  • Chimney’s: Moored in 25 feet, this site offers a shallow top with sand patches and large coral boulders that reach to within 5 feet of the surface. The wall is steep and dramatic when it drops off.
  • Inside Outside: Moored in 25 feet. The edge is prolific with Lettuce Coral and deep narrow cuts. Corals reach within 5-10 feet of the surface.
  • Parrot Tree: The reef top ranges from 10-20 feet and is covered with Lettuce, Staghorn, and Elkhorn, forming hedges separated by deep cuts. There are dramatic ledges and overhangs at this site.
  • Neverstain Bight: This snorkeling site offers a shallow wall top with prolific coral life and an abundance of marine life visiting the cleaning stations.

Things You Should Know

At certain times of the year, 100% of the wreck’s 140 foot length can be visible from a surface snorkel. 

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