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“Open Water students and snorkelers will fall in love with the very localized unique reef structure and "Front Yard". There is always something to see, even in the shallows of the Front Yard, right in front of the resort.” - RDAdelman

“Its so easy to walk from the dive gear area to the shore, and then back to a world class dive site.” - JMidgley

“I love everything about your shore diving....One of my favorite places in the whole world.” - AAbell

“You meet the nicest creatures!” - BMiddleton

“Been there, done that and EVERYBODY else should too.... ” - KCMenzer

“Eagle ray in the grass on the walk out to the platform for a night dive! ” - BTreinen






Our Front Yard

Walk In, Walk Out Roatan Shore Diving & Snorkeling

Walk in - walk out. How easy can it get? Roatan shore diving in front of CoCo View Resort is so good (and so effortless!) that many divers miss the boat on purpose!


An incredible array of marine life can be found along the renowned CoCo View Wall, Newman’s Wall, and at the easily accessible wreck of the Prince Albert - all within a few fin kicks from our Clubhouse. You don’t even have to step on a boat!

Our Front Yard is open for your diving pleasure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dive Roatan whenever you want - air is always available at our 150 bottle tank storage rack. Daylight offers shimmering, crystal clear waters that explode with color, but divers also love our Front Yard for its great night diving opportunities and the “creatures of the dark” that make it their home.

Rental Gear must be reserved in advance (click here) to insure availability.

A Haven for Snorkelers

CoCo View snorkeling is just as good as the shore diving in our Front Yard. Literally sitting on the edge of the coral reef, snorkeling is as easy and convenient as can be. Swim a little, tan a little, swing in the hammock, and snorkel whenever you want! You will always see something new and beautiful playing out in our Front Yard.

Sea Turtle Divers


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