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“I want to be in that hammock at the end of the dock and gaze at whatever comes by!”
- NEBennet

“Swinging in the hammock between dives with the sound of Jimmy Buffett in one ear and the waves on the reef in the other.” - DACass

“Besides underwater, those hammocks were my favorite spots” - SWilliams

“Swinging n the hammock after midnight and gazing at the moon and stars.”
- POverstreet

“Love to nap in those hammocks!”
- BHNetusil

“OMG, I miss the hammock! I think I slept in them at least 4 nights until I woke up at midnight and went to the room”
- KTKatsaras



Chillin’ Out in Your Happy Place - Roatan, Honduras

It’s been a stressful day. You didn’t get enough sleep last night, the phone has been ringing off the hook, you’re late for an appointment, your boss yelled at you, you got stuck in traffic, your child has transformed into a monster overnight, and you just burned dinner.

It’s time to go to your happy place.

Imagine a beautiful, peaceful shoreline, where you can feel the sun beating down on you, warming your skin. Waves rhythmically lap against the shore, singing their calming lullaby. You settle into a hammock right at the water’s edge. A gentle breeze whispers past you. Big breath in, now let it out. Ahhhh…

Sure, you could imagine all of this, but wouldn’t it be more fun to actually DO it?

Aside from CoCo View’s reputation for incredible diving in Roatan, one of our resort’s trademark features is the abundant hammocks that grace private porches, Clubhouse decks, and over-the-water gazebo hangouts. Rest, relax, enjoy the ocean breezes…you will always find a perfect place to chill out.

So book a stay at CoCo View, and pull up a hammock - whether for an afternoon siesta or at the end of a long, satisfying day of activities. Honduras beckons to you.

Hammocks Outside Hammocks on the Deck


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