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"I love exploring the front yard at night. There is so much going on, I never get tired of it." - WJohnson

“I had just started my dive when I noticed a beautiful Caribbean Octopus plopped right on top of a coral head. I stopped to look at it, and we locked eyes, if that is possible with an octopus!”
- LGrubin

“... the shallow reef heads. You can stay out and see some amazing things in less than 20 feet of water.” - RKulp

“The PA was my first ever night dive 7 years ago. On the way out to the platform we were greeted by a couple eagle rays coming out of the grassy area, huge green moray under the platform, orange ball corallimorph under the FI side of PA and that night the water was full of little critters, Doc rested his light in the sand and aimed it up - saw a ton of larval critters including crabs and lobsters! Even got to see coral photoflouresing using Docs UV light!” - BTrienen

“Great video! Really brings back the memories of a great spring break. The wreck is awesome at night, and the octopus and lobsters are teaming just a little bit off to the SE of the bow on CoCo View Wall.” - DCarner


Night Diving

Unlimited After-Hours Roatan Scuba Diving

Night diving in Roatan, Honduras is an experience unlike any other. Strange and beautiful creatures come out to play and eat after the lights go out. As a guest at CoCo View Resort, you have the unique opportunity to experience this amazing sight in our resort’s “Front Yard” any night you wish. Explore coral reefs and walls or venture onto the wreck of the Prince Albert.

Rental Gear must be reserved in advance (click here) to insure availability.

Darkness from Partial Pressure Productions on Vimeo.

Boat Dives at Night

Boat diving at night can be specially arranged after arrival at the resort for an additional charge per person. A minimum of 8 divers must sign up for this boat trip. These night boat dives are weather permitting.

One of our scuba dive masters will take you to a great Roatan dive site. Better bring your camera - you never know what you might see!

Night Divers Night Dive
Night Divers Queen Angel


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