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“This was a blast! I loved the Shark Dive! Great experiance!” - PWLanford

“Did it when we were at CCV in March... Awesome experence!”
- ERLong

Shark DivingShark Diving

Scuba Roatan in Shark Territory

Get up close and personal with one of the ocean's most interesting and dangerous creatures: the shark. Cue music from Jaws.

Actually, Hollywood films like Jaws have given sharks a bad rap. Yes, they are apex predators and, as with any wild animal, should be treated with caution and respect, but they aren’t necessarily the evil and terrible killers they’re made out to be.

In fact, sharks play an important role in the health of the marine ecosystem, helping control fish and marine mammal populations. So you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to scuba dive with Roatan’s sharks. Others have actually described their Roatan shark diving experiences as “awe-inspiring” and “surreal.”

Shark Diving GuideWhat to Expect

During your shark diving excursion, you will dive with female Caribbean Reef Sharks among beautiful hard and soft corals at a depth of 60-70 feet. Clear visibility, usually reaching 80 feet or more, offers an excellent view of the sharks, which are typically 6-9 feet long and weigh several hundred pounds each.

After you’ve had time to observe the sharks, a snack of fish in a bucket is often presented to them at a safe distance from the diving group, where you can then watch the resulting feeding frenzy. The sharks are never handled or fed individually.

When the sharks have dispersed, you will typically have time to move around and explore the site before returning to the boat.




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