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“... and I could go on the boats too! I snorkeled on top of the sites and could see the divers below me. “Too Tall, Too Small” was incredible one day! I can’t imagine a better resort for an avid snorkeler to go.” - JCole

Snorkel Sites

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AnemonieRoatan Snorkel Sites & Sea Life

Following is a list of some Roatan snorkeling sites you may encounter during your stay at CoCo View Resort. We have included reef top depth, as well as marine life or coral growth you might find interesting at each site.

Boat Snorkel Sites

Missing Link: Moored in 20 feet; the reef top ranges from 20-30 feet. Large mounds and hedges of hard corals cut to the edge of the reef top, with the wall dropping off to 80 feet. Watch for schooling fish on this site.

Gold Chain Reef: Moored in 25 feet; the reef top ranges from 10-30 feet. This is a sloping wall fingering out to a large sand slope. The wall top is thickly populated with Elkhorn, Staghorn, and Lettuce corals. Keep an eye out for surge on this reef top.

Little French Cay: The reef top ranges from 25-30 feet. Lush out-croppings with several sets of overhangs are thickly populated with hard corals.

French Cay Cut: Moored in 20 feet, this Roatan snorkel site offers a sandy basin with shallow corals leading to the cut. This is a very shallow wall top lined with mounds of Star & Elkhorn corals. Keep an eye out for wave action.

Mary’s Place: While having a deeper mooring of 35 feet, this system of crevices has a prolific wall top. An added bonus is the amazing ‘Liquid Silver’ view as the divers pass through the crevices and their bubbles filter up through the wall top.

Snorkel ViewsDoc’s Retreat: Moored in 20 feet. The reef top is populated with very healthy hard and soft corals, a series of sand chutes, and mounds of hard coral.

Two Tall Two Small: Moored in 20 feet, this site offers a shallow wall with a sloping bottom. Gorgeous Sea Fans top the edge of the wall. Watch for East/West surge.

Anka’s Place: Moored in 20 feet, snorkel along a very shallow meandering wall with cascading corals and magnificent Rope, Tube, and Barrel Sponges.

Castle Canyon: Moored in 20 feet. The reef top is shallow, yet thick, with lush covered points displaying sponges and Gorgonian.

Chimney’s: Moored in 25 feet, this site offers a shallow top with sand patches and large coral boulders that reach to within 5 feet of the surface. The wall is steep and dramatic when it drops off.

Inside Outside: Moored in 25 feet. The edge is prolific with Lettuce Coral and deep narrow cuts. Corals reach within 5-10 feet of the surface.

Parrot Tree: The reef top ranges from 10-20 feet and is covered with Lettuce, Staghorn, and Elkhorn, forming hedges separated by deep cuts. There are dramatic ledges and overhangs at this site.

Neverstain Bight: This snorkeling site offers a shallow wall top with prolific coral life and an abundance of marine life visiting the cleaning stations. This site gets better and better the farther toward shore you snorkel, and the reef tops come within 2 feet of the surface in several places. Be careful you don’t snorkel yourself into a corner, though - turning around can be a bit tricky when it gets shallow.

Snorkel BriefFront Yard Drop Off / Shore Snorkel

CoCo View Wall: The reef top at this wall is within 5 feet of the surface in most areas and is thickly covered with Lettuce, Staghorn, and Elkhorn corals. Keep your eyes open for the resident Green Moray Eel, often found swimming from CoCo View Wall to the Wreck of the Prince Albert. This wall is excellent for snorkeling, both to the East and the West of the cut. The shallow top, with its cleaning stations, can offer hours of entertainment as you watch the variety of marine life come and go.

Newman’s Wall: The reef top is within 5 feet of the surface and is lushly covered. This wall is well worth the extra effort of crossing the channel on a calm day. Be aware of wave action to ensure you don’t get pushed in too shallow if the seas are up, and keep an eye out for boats when crossing the channel.

Wreck of The Prince Albert: Generally considered a dive site, most folks don’t realize this can be an excellent Roatan snorkel site, too, when visibility is good. At certain times of the year, over 100% of the wreck’s140 foot length can be visible from a surface snorkel. As the wreck is situated in the channel, please keep an eye out for boats when snorkeling this site.

The Chain: Beginning at our Front Yard Platform, follow the chain out to the cut through CoCo View Wall. Many guests overlook the abundant marine life to be found off the chain in their haste to get the wall. When using a leisurely place, a pair of Jaw fish located about 3 feet South & West of the platform can be found off the chain, as well as numerous cleaning stations, Damsel Fish, Big Eye Squirrel Fish, a variety of Parrot Fish, Rock Beauties, Sergeant Majors, Eels, Barracuda, Flounder, Eagle Rays, Squid, and much more.



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