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“CoCo View Diving on Roatan... perfect place to try out using a camera while underwater. So much to see it is hard to notice it all at once.” - DOlsen

“I return like clockwork to Coco View each year. It's the best run resort in the Caribbean and I hope to see you all there soon.”
- SWaterman

“There are photo ops everywhere; we have many beautiful pictures, too!”
- CMoorehead

“Sunshine, clear water, large schools of fish, pristine corals and sponges...”
- DKaiser


Why We’re a Great Place for Underwater Photos

Underwater Photography - Souvenirs You Can Keep

Roatan’s fringing coral reef is part of the world’s second largest and also one of the world’s most beautiful and unique - a haven for snorkelers, divers and underwater photographers of any ability. Coco View Resort is an excellent place to perfect your photography skills. Our daily boat trips to Roatan’s best dive sites, and our un-limited shore diving give you abundant opportunities to get great pictures!

During your time in Roatan, you’ll likely have many face-to-face scuba diving encounters with weird, wonderful, and colorful creatures as you explore the island’s majestic underwater world. Dawn to dark, and after, the underwater landscape and marine life surrounding Cocoview will always present you with interesting and beautiful subject material for your photos.

In addition to two boat dives per day, CoCo View’s “Front Yard” offers Roatan’s only 24/7 shore diving, just a few fin kicks from the resort. Two pristine coral walls and a 140’ wreck provide ample photographic opportunities, both day and night.

Since touching the island’s coral and other sea life is illegal, as is removing “souvenirs” from the water, CoCo View’s exceptional underwater photography services offer you a way to bring home lasting mementos of your scuba diving trip in Roatan.

On-Site Photography Resources

Our resident underwater photo and video pro, Tim Blanton, has been a professional videographer and photographer since 1978, and his work has appeared on television including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel and more, as well as high profile publications, such as England’s popular “Sport Diver” magazine.

Our Photo/Video Center is located on-site at CoCo View Resort, and Tim will happily help with all of your underwater photography and video needs, including:

  • Digital Camera Rentals
  • Strobe Rentals
  • Wide Angle Lens Rentals
  • One on one Photo & Video Instruction
  • Custom Underwater Photo or Video Shoots
  • Printing Services
  • Professional Photography & Video Souvenirs
Rental Equipment and Photography Lessons are available

Are you a beginning underwater photographer, or just want to try it out? Coco View is the perfect place to do so. You can develop a great new hobby whatever your age, and share your love of the ocean with your friends and family back home.

There are many reasons that we have more return customers than any dive resort in the world, among them is the great number of dives that are possible during a stay at CoCo View. That’s why underwater photographers love Coco View Resort! With Coco View's virtually unlimited access to exceptional diving---the more you dive, the more pictures you can take. Frame an incredible array of marine life during the daylight’s shimmering hours or capture the strange and beautiful creatures of the dark. Document wrecks, walls, coral beds, channels, eel gardens - maybe even an underwater wedding! The possibilities are endless, and you’ll bring home memories to last a lifetime.

Whale Sharks at CoCo View
Divers at CoCo View got an early Christmas present Sunday morning. During the morning surface interval they SWAM WITH WHALE SHARKS. There appeared to have been 2 in the immediate area, one approximately 15 feet long and the other around 30 feet long. It was an amazing encounter! We will post more pictures and some videos as they are available. These photos were taken by Mike Reimers.

Photography Above the Waterline

Coco View guests also enjoy photographing the exotic Caribbean flowers and wildlife on this island paradise. Whether you are a professional or a beginner you can bring home stunning pictures of your stay at Coco View Resort.


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